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Ready to get your arms stretched? The new HerculeZ soft swimbait is here!

Built for barramundi, Murray cod, mangrove jack, flathead, mulloway and other larger predatory species.

A detailed shad body has all the features to represent a wide variety of baitfish, drawing aggressive strikes from predatory species.

The unique boot tail design puts out plenty of thump and vibe, while upturned 3D eyes provide a solid strike trigger. Best of all, this swimbait is made from the amazing 10X Tough ElaZtech material - soft, life-like and supple, buoyant for a natural presentation, and virtually indestructible.

Built on a tough, extra heavy duty Mustad® hook, the HerculeZ is ready to take on the big hitters.

Available in 4" and 5" sizes, HerculeZ comes in 8 proven ZMan colours, including light and natural colours, dark silhoutte colours and UV reactive colours, to cover a wide variety of species and conditions.

HerculeZ 4" - Built on a 3/8oz zinc weight (overall weight 22g / approx. 3/4oz)

HerculeZ 5" - Built on a 5/8oz zinc weight (overall weight 37g / approx. 1.3oz)

Zinc is a harder metal than lead ensuring your internal weight maintains its shape hit after hit and your HerculeZ retains its beautifully balanced swimming action that attracts predators and triggers strikes.

Tie one on an buckle up!