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Samaki brings you your newest wingman? the guy you want by your side for all your fishing adventures?.the jig that has got your back!!

Wingman?s unique rear grooves create an erratic action when dropped, combined with its enlarged attractive eye Wingman and entices the most elusive bites from a huge variety of reef an pelagic species Kingfish, Amberjack, Samson Fish, Tuna and Coral Trout .

With 6 insane colours from Rainbow Stylin, Glow N Silver, Lemon Splice and the all-natural pilly plus 7 different weights ranging from 20 grams to 200 grams the Wingman offers the highest UV properties enticing the most elusive of fish to attack.

A centre balanced jig, pre-rigged with Premium Assist hook and Japanese Kevlar.

Centre Balanced
UV Glow Details
Bold Bright Colours
SAHS assist Hook