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We offer 2 types of Rod Hire. Both are overnight hire. We are open 7am-4pm Weekdays and 7-1pm Weekends. Rods must be returned the following day before Nautical Marine Sales closes.
Please note our daily hours for return times.

Type 1: Rod and Reel only.
What's included: A Rod Rigged with a Hook and Sinker ready to fish.
Cost: $20ea + $50 deposit per rod (refunded on return of rod).
TOTAL COST: $70 Per Rod

Type 2: The Works Package.
What's included: A Rod and Reel, Bucket, Tide Chart, Fish ID Chart, Bait Board, Mixed Assorted Tackle, Bait Knife, Fishing Map, and your choice of one small bag of Bait to the value of $7!
Cost: $35ea + $50 deposit per rod (refunded on return of all package items excluding bait).
TOTAL COST: $85 Per package

" Deposit of $50 charged for EACH Rod Hired.
" All equipment to be returned washed, clean, free of bait & rubbish and in good working condition. Cleaning fees will apply!
" No Half Day or Multi Day Rates.
" Be very careful on the beach. Sand ruins reels very quickly. Don't put rods down on the beach or deposit will be forfeited.
" Hire equipment must be returned during our business hours.
" We Close at 4pm Sharp Weekdays and 1pm Sharp Weekends.
" There is no alternate or after hours drop off point.
" Overdue charges apply for late returns