• $34.99

The Dartwing concept was created to mimic skipping bait fish, allow super long casts, and entice any predatory fish to strike. Representing the ultimate surface skipping popper, the Dartwing’s unique wing shaped head design makes the lure dart erratically from side to side when wound across the surface, looking like a scared or injured bait fish.

It can be worked with a fast retrieve and with a twitching rod tip action to make the lure bounce across the surface where the Dartwing design creates maximum surface disturbance and side to side action. It can also be worked slow with a side to side twitching action that mimics either a fleeing shrimp or slender bait fish.

Use the Dartwing with either a fast retrieve with twitches of the rod tip, a slow “walk the dog” style twitch, or just a straight fast wind and you will see the versatility of the Dartwing. It can imitate either a fleeing shrimp or slender bait fish.

This is a super long casting lure. On a straight retrieve the wings cause a side to side darting action and body roll that just gets fish excited.

When worked slow and twitched across the surface in a walk the dog style retrieve, the Dartwing 70 has been weighted to create a lifelike spitting action that looks exactly like a prawn or shrimp spitting and flicking across a shallow flat.

The Dartwing 130 Long cast has been heavily weighted for super long casting, and this lure is deadly on all predatory species when the rod tip is held up and worked fast across the surface.

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