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Relaxn has teamed up with Griffin, Griffin is a world-renowned manufacturer of filtration products.
They utilise proprietary technology developed from over 30 years of professional experience purifying contaminated fuel.
In 2003, Griffin scientists developed MICROBLOC, a revolutionary filtration technology, that is used exclusively in Griffin filtration systems. MICROBLOC multigrade filtration media elements have tested to be 99.8% effective in separating water from diesel, biodiesel and fuel and can remove solid contaminants as small as 2 microns in size.
For Petrol Outboard Engines Only
Designed specifically for petrol outboard engines.
High Performance 99.8% Filtration Efficiency
10 micron filters are able to filter unseen materials from liquid keeping the fuel clean as possible without flow restraints keeping peak engine performance and reliability.
Anti-Corrosive Head
Filters head is fibreglass reinforced nylon.
High Capacity & High Flow Rate
MICROBLOC elements provide multi-layered filtration. Corrugated filtration media means more surface area to trap contaminants. Up to 180 LPH can be pumped through the filter system.
Reduce Fuel Consumption
Even small, nearly invisible particles can damage injectors and pumps, reducing fuel efficiency, robbing power, or worse. Each refuelling adds millions of tiny contaminants to your fuel system. MICROBLOC filters protect your engine from solid contaminants
by filtering particles down to 10 microns in size.
Clean fuel means cleaner exhaust. Our Filters effectively reduce exhaust pollution.
Clear Bowl For Quick-View
The clear bowl is made in virgin plastic and includes a drain bung, allowing easy inspection and removal of contaminated fuel.
Water can cause injector nozzle and fuel pump corrosion, ending in equipment failure and downtime. Unfortunately, water vapour continuously condenses inside your fuel tank.
Griffin Fuel Filter / Water Separators eliminate this worry by removing water and other contaminants from your fuel supply. Griffin Fuel Filters / Water Separators use MICROBLOC Multigrade Filtration Media technology.
In moisture content tests conducted by Productivity and Standard Board (PSB), Singapore on fuel samples taken from a fuel filter / water separator employing MICROBLOC Multigrade Media, 99.8% effectiveness of water removal was found to be achieved after 30 minutes of operation of the fuel filter / water separator (test report reference: 57S055941 dated 7 Dec 2005).

Kit Includes:
1 x Heavy-duty nylon head.
1 x Nano 10 micron filter.
1 x Clear plastic bowl.
4 x Brass barbed ports.
2 x 8mm
2 x 10mm
2 x Brass stop ends.

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