• $19.99

Australia's #1 spanish mackerel lure. Wog heads have been a tight kept secret of the commercial mackerel sector for decades, and few recreational fishermen outside of Northern Australia have had the chance to use them.
Our Wog Heads are 100% Australian hand-made in our store in Port Douglas. We rig these to commercial fishing standards on a 140lb single strand wire, with two ganged 9/0 VMC 9255 hooks. Rig them as pictured with a medium to large gar for best results (fresh or frozen). While wog heads are designed for use with garfish, other similarly shaped baitfish will also work.
Available in single or two colour combo with any of the following: white, red, pink, black, purple, blue, charteuse.
Please specify in order details if you would like particular colours, otherwise staff will hand select colours from our favourites.

NOTE: Hair used on our wog heads is very resilient, though may become coarser and knotted over time, especially after a few big fish. This is easily remedied by washing thoroughly with fresh water and combing through ordinary hair conditioner before hanging to dry.

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