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These light jigging metals from Palms are available in slim, wide, oval and long body profiles.

All are fitted with twin front assist hooks and a single rear assist hook made by Decoy

The Slim version is center balanced and creates a shimmy action on the fall. It has the 2nd slowest sink rate out of the 4. It is a good choice to use first. Average sink rate is 80cm/sec.

The Oval version has the slowest sink rate of the 4. Its center balanced body is made from Zink a lightweight metal. It has a very flat body with a fusion of dimples and V shapes to help give it an enticing yet stable slow fall. Average sink rate is 60cm/sec.

The wide version is rear weighted and has a different action to the others. It has the fastest sink rate of all 4 profiles. It requires a little more power when hopped to turn horizontal compared with the slim and oval. Average sink rate is 90cm/sec.

The latest addition to the range is the Long. 30mm to 50mm longer than any other profile of the same weight. The long slim profile helps the jig jump and slide a long distance side to side.

Rotating between profiles is an effective way to discover what the fish are more interested in on the day.

Available in 14 colours

Sizes: 10g, 15g, 20g, 30g, 40g, 60g (10g & 15g only available in OVAL)