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One of the latest developments coming from the R&D team at the Biwaa Royal Factory, is an addition to Venum Series of soft plastics. The ?Deus? is a custom designed soft finesse swimbait. Tailored for a wide range of techniques ? Targeting all predatory species.

At the core of this new design concept was the idea of putting an outstanding soft swimbait into the hands of anglers. Biwaa designers were committed to the development of a unique product, combining carefully chosen characteristics to achieve our goal of Maximum Efficiency, at any retrieval speed.

The ?DEUS? is injection molded using two different densities of plastic. The bottom half (belly) contains a denser, heavier salt formulation, than that of the back. This feature allows the Deus to keep an balanced keel, even while rigged with a weightless presentation. Excelling in a wide range of techniques, the Deus makes a great selection for drop shot, split shot, jig heads, weightless texas, swim jigs, A-rigs, and also as a trailer on your favorite chatter bait or spinner bait. The ventral and dorsal hook slots are provided to create a perfect weedless or texposed presentation. Finally, the Deus features a pre-positioned hole that allows the angler to add nail weights, while not compromising the balance and action.

An industry leader in plastic formulation, Biwaa?s ?ECO? formulation has no phthalates or BPA, yet manages to maintain softness and durability that allow the maximum action to be coaxed from the design.

To further increase effectiveness, the Deus, along with the entire line of Venum Series products incorporate a natural scent added during the manufacturing process. Biwaa?s unique B2A Scent, is a natural attractant that is infused into the body during manufacturing, as well as lightly coated on the outside before packaging. The Shrimp based, water-soluble additive diffuses in the water, creating a strong scent trail, activating aggressive feeding behavior in predatory species.

Meticulous attention to detail gives the Deus unparalleled effectiveness in clear water conditions. The tapered spear-tail design works at any speed, imitating a distressed fish. In addition, this deception is enhanced by a scale pattern that gives the Deus an added level of realism. Available in 3?, 4?, and 5? sizes and over 25 colors, we?ve got the size and color to match any conditions you may demand.